My Psychedelic Art

My Psychedelic Art


With the beginning of the computer era science and art started blending together much faster that ever before, and so did the professions of an artist and an engineer.

I am a software engineer and a digital artist. After many years of experience I’ve developed a new revolutionary technique of working with graphic art software. It gave me the ability to add depth to my images so that they look pretty much like 3D. Also my methods allow me to use a wide variety of colors very extensively to make extremely complicated pattern and designs to achieve a really breath taking effect. Please, see it with your own eyes.

If you have any questions about my artwork please call or text 727-656-2081

Alex Shlenski,

Software Engineer & Digital Artist

Magic Circles

Surreal Landscapes

Entangled Ones

Postmodern Tokens

Mescaline Jungle