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FIRST UPSIDE DOWN STUDIO is a gallery created by a fast growing community of great artists living in what is called “ex USSR”. The core of our art group resides in St.Petersburg, Russia while the rest of the community is scattered across the country. Our community is very diverse:  we have artists of different ethnicity, faith, upbringing and world outlook. They work in different genres and styles. We are open to all creative and talented artists who share our artistic vision and would like to join our art group and expose their works in our gallery.

There are many great contemporary artists, whose native language is Russian, who are completely unknown to the American fine art connoisseurs. They possess superb skills and artistic level and create fantastic artwork. The only reason they are not world-renowned is the language barrier and something with Russian mentality that they all are eager to create masterpieces but very reluctant to promote their art like the artists born in free market countries.

On this page I will be featuring the members of our art group and list their works currently available for sale. The new artists and new works will keep coming, so it would be a good idea to bookmark this page and visit it every day.

The listed works are available as giclée prints on canvas of limited series, sublimation metal prints and backlit acrylic boxes. Original paintings are also available for sale. For sale details, prices, and any other questions please email our art curators:

– Alex Shlenski

– Arina Petrova

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Irina Baibekova

My art widely embraces the aleatoric principle and follows the traditions and methods of Dadaism. My goal is to raise my visual art to the level of poetry. I trust my perception but I rigorously verify it with the laws of composition.

 Alexander Akhanoff

Born in 1957 in the small city of Frolovo, Volgograd county in USSR (not yet Russian Federation). In 1980 he graduated from the Krasnoselski Academy of Metal Arts and Jewelry in the city of Kostroma. His paintings have been exposed at numerous art exhibitions across Russia and Europe. A member of Russian Art Association for 21 years.

“I did not move fast but I moved into the right direction. I’ve always had doubts but it helped me to make the right decisions. I’ve always questioned my trade and my skills but it gave me the power to create the artwork that I am proud of. I can feel futility of existence but it makes me feel deeper the modest beauty of simple life I chose for myself.”


Nadezhda Belova

Started the artist’s career in 1998.

I do abstract art because I deeply believe that the world in its essence is abstract. Our visual perception is comprised of shapes and colors, much like the words we hear are comprised of syllables. I am striving to catch the very first syllables of the visual world, the most profound moves, shapes and constellations that work together while creating the meaning of what our eyes can see. In my artwork am studying the building blocks of the framework of visual perception.


Sergei Ushanoff

1972 – born in Leningrad, USSR (now St. Petersburg, Russian Federation)
1992 – graduated from Odessa Fine Art Academy.
1999 – completed master’s degree and started a Fine Arts post graduate course.
2002 – regular participant of art exhibitions in Europe.

My favorite genres are surrealism, hyperrealism and neo-academism. Most of my work revolves around fluid but eternal symbols of time. My artwork explores the incarnations of old myths in the modern world. I am constatnly trying to reveal the ways and forms in which the strife and exploits of ancient heroes are manifested in modern life.


Henadzi Havartsou

Born in Vitebsk, Belarus. Graduated from Vitebsk Masherov University, the faculty Art and Graphic. Influenced by Chagall, Kandinsky, and Malevich.

I love to travel randomly and paint nature. Nature is the greatest teacher of Art, and it gives me million different ideas every day. My path to abstract painting was not a short and easy one. In order to express myself in visual abstractions, i needed to adjust my inner view and sometimes re-shape my philosophical view of the world. Pretty often my abstract works start from realistic etudes, inheriting their palette of colors, sometimes the composition, some memories of a recent journey where they were painted. Once started working on a canvas, I never can tell how the finished work will look like, because each brushstroke leads me to the next one and so on, and it always remains a mystery till the very end.



Alex Shlenski

Born in 1956 in Moscow, USSR. The only member of this art association who lives permanently in the United States, in South Florida.

I do psychedelic abstract digital art. Being a software engineer, I use Artificial Intelligence to create my works. Please follow the link and read more on this website about my art.



Denis Gubarev

Born in Simferopol, Ukraine in 1987. Graduated from National University of Fine Art and Architecture in Kiev, Ukraine in 2013. An active participant of exhibitions and en plein air sessions nationwide in Ukraine as well as in Russia and Eastern Europe. A good number of his works has been bought by private collectors.

Yuri Tsyganov

Born in Moscow, USSR in 1955. A member of Russian Art Association since 1985. Lives and works in Moscow, Russia. Personal exhibitions in Moscow in 1990. 1993, 2001, 2002, and 2009.


Daniel Gagarin

Born in 1982 in Leningrad, USSR (now St.Petersburg, Russia). Graduated from world renown Herzen University in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Had numerous personal exhibitions in Russia, Sweden, Singapore, China, and Taiwan.

In my art I tend to stick to absurdist and provocative themes, turning the everyday life upside down. I am trying to delve into the depths of my viewer’s subconscious, catch their forgotten moments of childhood, their suppressed fears and silenced demons, bring them back on the surface of the real world and let my viewers kill them off by humor and mockery. I think that my art has a little hint of punk culture.

Alexander Petrunin

Stanislav Iliin

Boris Indrikov

Vassili Klochkov


Artist’s picture pending…

Sergei Efremov

Victor Tretiakov


Sergei Oussik