Fine Art Liberation Gallery

Fine Art Liberation Gallery

  • Artistic value is the only thing that matters

    Everything else is just hype!

  • Money enslaves art

    We liberate it!

  • Our inventory is thoughtfully curated

    No overrated crap allowed!

  • Affordable high quality prints

    No visual difference from the originals

  • Fine art in every home

    Art belongs to the people, not to billionaires!

  • Art collectors support art. We love them!

    Art investors leech off art, We detest them!

“Love art in yourself, and not yourself in art.”

Constantin Stanislavski

Fine Art Liberation Gallery is currently featuring the art of the fast growing community of emerging and mid-career artists living in what is called “ex USSR”. The core of our art group resides in St.Petersburg, Russia while the rest of the community is scattered across the “post-communist” countries.
Our art community is very diverse: we have artists of different ethnicity, faith, gender, upbringing and world outlook. Our artists work in different genres and styles and use all kinds of media. However, we all strongly believe that fine art belongs to all the people just like music! A musician makes a million dollars selling his song as a audio file to a million listeners for just one dollar. An artist also should sell a digital image of their artwork to a million art lovers for one dollar apiece rather than handing the original to one rich person for a million dollars check.
Our art community is open to all open minded artists who have talent, creativity, and unique vision, and who share our beliefs about art belonging to all people. The more great artists will join us the better Fine Art Liberation Gallery will accomplish its mission.

Our curators

Boca Raton, FL

Alex Shlenski

St. Petersburg, Russia

Arina Petrova

About Our Artists